Acceptance of Prayer


The Quran says about prayer: "Good words ascend to Him and good deeds lifts them up." (35:10) This means that if a person prays to God, then to boost one's prayer one needs to perform good actions. Such actions are like boosters for one's prayer. If one's actions are not in accordance with the prayer one has made to God, then one's words will not be raised up to God. Thus prayer without the doing of good deeds is of no use. Another point is that when you pray, you are actually seeking God's blessings for something. For example, if there are differences in your family, you pray to God to bring an end to these differences. There are many such problems for which you seek God's blessings. The condition for prayer to become effective is your acknowledgment of God's blessings which you have already received. God has bestowed on you numerous blessings before you turn to Him in prayer for something. If you have not acknowledged the blessings which you have enjoyed, then how will you receive more blessings?