Between Two Goods


People generally believe in a wrong dichotomy. That is, they divide things into good and bad. This is an incorrect dichotomy. The Quran says that a human being is always between 'two goods'. This is a very unique formula: a person is always between two goods. So for example, if a person is born into a family which is in the category of 'have-nots', even then he is potentially in the category of 'haves'. Dr. BR Ambedkar was born into a poor family but later was instrumental in drafting the Constitution of India. Thus later in life, he came into the category of haves. In this world a person is between two goods: if one is actual good, then the other is potential good. If you are successful, you have found actual good. But if you are not successful, you always have the opportunity to become successful. James Boswell wrote the biography of Samuel Johnson, which is regarded as one of the best works of biographical writing. It is said that Boswell lived in difficulty and agony from childhood till late in life. He had authored some articles early in life, which went unnoticed. But his problems and difficulties gave rise to great potential within him. As a result he emerged as the best biographer. If in the beginning he was potentially successful, later he became actually successful.