Change in Mindset


I was born in a town in UP. There were two Muslims in that town, one had a beard and the other did not. Once the person without the beard sent gifts to many homes in the town. When the gift reached the person with the beard, he refused to accept it by saying that he did not accept gifts from those who were not bearded. This led to a quarrel between the two families and it continued for up to 25 years. On both sides there were killings, destruction of fields, legal proceedings against one another and so on. Both families incurred many losses and made no progress in any sphere in life. But today the later generations of both these families are making progress. The reason is that the jealousy that had existed between the two families is now no more. The previous generations did not know that there are many opportunities in today's age. But the new generation is aware of these many scopes and they are busy trying to utilize these opportunities for their development.