Death: the Most Undiscussed Subject


The subject of death has been left untouched since past thousands of years. No person has written about death as much as I have -- my writings on death can be collected into a voluminous book. Since people are so heedless of the reality of death, I think God wanted that I inform them about death which is why I have written extensively on death. Everyday people see others die, then why do they remain neglectful about death? According to my research, the reason is that the human DNA has no information about death. The DNA contains all information about a human being, but it has no information on when the person will die. This means that we are unaware of death at both the conscious and unconscious levels. A person dies by the direct command of God -- no person knows himself when he will die. This why people are unable to draw lessons when they see another person die. People attend funerals, but there they do not think of death, rather they discuss other issues. A person has said about me that I am a 'death writer'. The subject of death is so unfamiliar, they find it strange that I write on death.