Grand Outlook

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan I The Speaking Tree I August 31, 2014

Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata (1839-1904) was an Indian pioneer industrialist, best known as the founder of the Tata Group, India’s biggest conglomerate company. His story gives us a great lesson. Once he wanted to book a room in the Watson’s Hotel in Bombay.At that time, the hotel did not permit Indians,who were nonwhite. In British India, hotels accepted only

European guests.

This was a sad experience for Jamsetji Tata.But he did not become negative about it.He decided rather to open up his own grand hotel,greater than the Watson’s Hotel.For this he drew up a unique plan. He travelled to London,Paris,Berlin and Düsseldorf to take ideas and arrange for materials and pieces of art, furniture and interior artifacts for his hotel. Jamsetji Tata was denied entry in a Bombay hotel, but his vision.

gave him a greater entry into the whole world.The result was that after long effort, he opened the greater grand luxury hotel,Taj Mahal Palace & Tower on December 16,1903.This was the first Taj property and the first Taj hotel.The building overlooks the Arabian Sea.

This is a historical example that tells us a great secret of life. If you have a sad experience,don’t become negative or react that way,and don’t complain against anyone.Rather,replan your course of action on positive lines.Expend all your energy on constructive activities.And the result will be miraculous:May be you will gain in the future more than what you had lost in the past.

The story of Jamsetji Tata is not a story of luck.It is the story of positive thinking. It was not accidental luck that helped Tata.It was his own creative planning that led to this result. Tata’s success was not a personal event. It was an example of how one’s mind can unfold its hidden potential at the time of crisis.

It is a law of nature that the quantum of scope is more than the quantum of failure. No failure can stop you on your journey, provided you maintain your positivity. It is your positive thinking that matters and not the negative experience. If your first plan fails, that is good news for you. According to the law of nature, your experience of failure will activate your mind. It will open up new windows that were until now closed. Your failure enables you to work in a better way and attain greater success. Thus, it is a blessing in disguise. History tells us of many people who emerged as heroes after failure. Failure simply enabled them to re-plan their lives, and then to touch new heights of success. Almost all superachievers were super-losers in the beginning.

The journey of great achievement begins from great failure. In its final stage, success is an external phenomenon. But in its primary stage, it is the result of an internal decision.It is said that no one can reach the heights of success if he hasn’t experienced failure. If you maintain your positivity,then failure gives you a good vision, news ideas for planning, and new ways to proceed on your journey.This is the lesson of
the whole of human history.

Superachievement is everyone’s dream,but superachievement does not suddenly knock at your door.It requires hard labour, continuous effort, planning and utilisation offull energy on a single focus; most importantly, it requires unshakable positive planning. Success always comes to those who are true seekers of success.Make yourself a true seeker of success and you will certainly reach your destination.