The Hudaybiyah Treaty


The Hudaybiyah Treaty signed by the Prophet is a model for us. Hudaybiyah was an agreement which was negotiated between the Prophet and the leaders of the Quraysh. The Hudaybiyah Treaty tells us about the example set by the Prophet with regard to signing treaties. When the Prophet had signed the agreement and was returning to Madinah, the Chapter al-Fath of the Quran was revealed on the way. In the very first verse of this chapter, God says: "Truly, We have granted you a clear victory." (48:1) At the time of the signing of the treaty, the Prophet had achieved no victory, rather only an agreement was signed on paper between him and the other side. Thus in this verse, 'clear victory' refers to the treaty agreed upon by both sides. This treaty was actually a planning, so it should be rightly called the Hudaybiyah Planning.