Islam on Socio-political System


Study of the Quran and Hadith shows that in Islam there is a well-defined description of ideology in the sense of belief, worship and moral values, but there is no structured model for a system to be established in society. People have fought throughout history so that they could implement or impose their system on society. But Islam made a contribution in this regard, as it taught that one should follow one's ideology in one's own individual life and as far as the socio-political system is concerned one should accept the status quo. This formula will open up all opportunities that exist outside the political system. Less than 1% aspects of life are part of politics, while more than 99% scopes exist outside the political domain. Islam teaches that one should be idealist in one's individual life, and as far as the system in place in society is concerned, one should be accept whatever exists. By following this principle, one can make progress in whichever non-political field one chooses for oneself.