Daily Quote

Secret of Life

The secret of life is not to stand in a person’s way. If one does not make oneself a target for another’s vengeance but allows everyone to continue pursuing their own goal in life, then one is not going to find his own path blocked by others.

Restraint Leads to Success.

When man avoids violence and war, although the way of war is open to him, he chooses the noblest line of conduct–restraint. And it is restraint that leads one towards success.

Harmony at Home

The best principle for maintaining harmony at home is the art of difference management. Instead of making futile attempts to eliminate differences, we should learn to adjust to them.

After Making Mistakes

In this world almost everyone makes mistakes. But he finds that after every mistake, certain opportunities arise through which he is able to rectify matters—thus saving himself from the evil consequences of his mistakes.

From Ore to Steel

When a man is born into this world, he is like iron ore, raw in form. Nature has produced him like ore and must develop himself on his own. Nature produces ore; man must convert it into steel to develop himself.

Character Builds a Nation

It is temperament that plays the most crucial role in the making of a nation. A character that can be depended upon through thick and thin is what in the long run builds a nation.

Psychology of Success

The conviction that one’s goals are worthwhile, the observation of discipline with no contradiction between words and thoughts, cool thinking even in times of crisis—all these are qualities of mind which determine success, and obviate failure in the wider field of life.

Human Will

In the face of adversity, one’s hidden capacities come to the fore and it is possible for one to reach undreamt of heights. But first and foremost, there must be the will to do so.