Daily Quote

The Reality

Nobody in this world is perfect. If a man is endowed with some good qualities, he may be lacking in others.

Managing Difference

If people could only learn to tolerate others’ differences, their very forbearance would become a great enabling factor in collective human development.

On Ego

“When one’s ego is hurt,” says a contemporary psychologist, “it turns into super-ego, and the result is breakdown.”  

Surviving Competition

In this competitive world, those who want concessions will always find themselves in the back seat. It is only those who make every effort to earn excellent qualifications will ever come to the fore.

On Silence

When man speaks, he is in a limited domain, but when he is silent, he finds himself in the unlimited vastness of the world. 


A great disadvantage of an ungrateful attitude is that it produces a mentality of non-acknowledgement. Failing at first to acknowledge the favours of one’s fellow men leads one to failure to give wholehearted credence to the Lord of the Universe.

No Haste

Sometimes by being hasty a man invites trouble, but then he always has the possibility of turning the situation to good account by adopting the ways of patience. 

Hard Work

All learning is acquired in the school of hard work; all progress is achieved at the price of unflagging effort.