Teachings of Islam

Tazkia in Islam

Once a noted scientist said that only a prepared mind can make a scientific discovery. The same can be said of Islamic meditation. Here also a prepared soul alone can benefit from it. First of all Tazkia, purification of the soul, has to be done through Islamic meditation. Tazkia aims at clearing one’s heart of all kinds of negative sentiments, otherwise Islamic meditation will not work. There is a very interesting story, which illustrates this point.

Tawassum, Tafakkur and Tadabbur in Islam

We learn from the Quran that the universe has been fashioned by God in a way that it may become a source of spiritual inspiration for man. According to the Qur’an, it is the quality of Tawassum (15:75) that enables one to find inspiration in the universe. Tawassum is the ability to understand the signs of nature. That is, to observe the phenomena of the universe in order to draw lessons from them and receive spiritual nourishment from the physical events.

The Spiritual Goal of Islam

What is the spiritual goal of Islam? That is, what is that spiritual target which Islam sets before man? The answer in the words of the Qur’an is: ‘A soul at rest’ (89:27). Thus the spiritual goal of Islam is to attain this state of peace in the soul.

The Concept of God in Islam

The major religions of the world can be divided into two broad categories—the Aryan and the Semitic, with Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism in the first and Judaism, Christianity and Islam in the second. So far as their theological aspects are concerned, there is a difference between these two kinds of religions. While the Aryan religions are basically philosophy based, the Semitic religions are revelation based. The former represent the culmination of the philosophical pursuit of truth by the great minds of the world.