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Maulana Wahiduddin Khan I Quranic Wisdom I P.28 

The first chapter of the Quran was revealed in 610 A.D. At that time, the Prophet of Islam was in Makkah. In this chapter the Prophet was given a direction from God to convey the message of tawheed (the oneness of God) to his people. This chapter begins thus:


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In the earliest days of the human race, Adam and Eve, who founded the first generation, had two sons, Cain and Abel. (See chapter five of the Quran). For no good reason, the elder brother, Cain, became angry and killed his younger brother, Abel. This was a serious crime, after which God sent His guidance to the prophet of that time. This divine guidance is quoted thus in the Quran:


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There is a general tendency for those who earn money to believe that it is their own property. They feel that they can spend their money as they please without any restrictions from outside. This tendency was also prevalent in the Arab society. With this background, the Quran in chapter Al-A‘raf (The Heights) gives this general guidance:


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During the Prophet’s time, some of his Companions used objectionable language against the gods of the non-believers. This resulted in a reaction from the other party. In this situation, God Almighty gave an important piece of advice to the believers. This is recorded as follows in the chapter Al-Anam (The Cattle):



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The Prophet of Islam and his Companions suffered defeat twice, at the Battle of Uhud (625 AD) and the Battle of Hunayn (630 AD). On the occasion of Uhud, they suffered total defeat and at Hunayn they suffered partial defeat.


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At the time of the Prophet of Islam, there were certain people in Madinah who talked of the truth, yet they did nothing for its sake and used beautiful words to cover up their misdeeds. Exposing these people, the Quran says in chapter three:

“Those who exult in their misdeeds and love to be praised for what they have not done should not suppose that they are secure from punishment; they shall suffer a grievous punishment.”(3:188)


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In chapter twenty-eight, the Quran records a story which has a great lesson for every man and woman. Qarun, or Korah, was a wealthy member of the Israeli community of ancient Egypt. When Korah became arrogant because of his wealth, some of his community members told him that arrogance would not serve him well. According to the Quranic version the story is as follows:


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In the early period of his mission, when the Prophet of Islam and his Companions were in Makkah, they were facing great hardships that led to despair and frustration. It was a grim situation. The Companions started asking whether their mission had strayed into a blind alley. At this critical time, God Almighty revealed chapter ninety-three of the Quran. It reads: