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The Patient Man

The patient man will attempt to solve problems only after making a proper assessment of the situation, and with a view to ultimate consequences. The impatient man will jump into the fray without any calculation whatsoever and – a prey to his own seething emotions – will remain blind to any adverse consequences.

Result Matters

The only criterion by which to judge whether one had planned one’s life well or not is to see the result. A plan which yields a negative result is not right, and a plan which yields a positive result is right. Examining an action by an ideal standard is not a wise thing. Wisdom lies in examining things in the light of the result.

Know the Difference

The formula to attain peace is very simple. Take your share without usurping that of others. Satisfy your desires without thwarting others and fulfill your ambitions without denying others the right to do likewise. In short, solve your own problems without creating problems for your fellow creatures.