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Love of God

Man has nothing greater to give to anyone than love. This being the case, it is impossible for one to discover God – in all His perfection­ – and then to offer Him something less than love. Neither is any offering less than love acceptable to God, nor is it proper for man to offer his Lord anything less than pure, true love.

Discovery of God

Those who really believe in God feel the joy of their discovery. So uncontrollable is their joy that they cannot help expres­sing it to others. If there are no traces of the joy of discovery, then the discovery itself has yet to be made.

Unilateral Reconciliation

Reconciliation is the best. But it rarely happens that such reconciliation as can be effected exactly reflects the desires of both the parties. In the majority of cases, reconciliation is possible only on a unilateral basis. That is, one party has to suppress his own inclinations and show a willingness to put an end to the dispute in accordance with other party’s wishes.