Success Through Nature

The Creator has placed necessary safeguards within nature itself. The only thing we should do is to learn of these things provided by nature and apply them in our lives. The way of nature is silent communication. Those who can understand this language of silence will be able to listen to the voice of nature, and benefiting from it, will lead successful lives.

The 30-Second Law

A negative feeling such as anger flares up on its own. But, in its initial stage, it remains within a certain limit. And it crosses this limit only when anger is allowed to intensify. The law of nature regarding negative feelings is that it gets activated for only about 30 seconds, and if it is checked, it gets defused like a balloon. Therefore, if a person checks his anger, and does not allow it to escalate, the negative feeling will ebb away naturally, without there being any negative outcome.

Difference Management

As a man is egoistic by nature, and a woman emotional, they can often be at loggerheads with each other due to their differences. This difference cannot be obliterated. The only solution to this problem is that, when a man’s ego flares up, the woman should keep her calm; and when the woman becomes emotional and loses her temper, the man must keep likewise calm. They should not give in to reactions of any kind. This is the only solution to this situation.