The Scheme of Nature

As per the scheme of nature, peace is the only secret of smooth functioning in human society as well as in the rest of the universe. Peace is such a basic requirement of man. Without peace there can be neither development nor progress. Regardless of how unfavorable circumstances might be, an environment of peace is indispensable. We must maintain peace unilaterally, for nothing that we desire can be achieved without it.

Complacency Vs Adversity

Experience has shown that complacency and a sense of comfort can be even greater vitiating factors in man’s progress through life than devastation and despair. This does not mean that adversity by itself is beneficial. It is simply the spark which ignites the fuel of man’s soul and drives him on to greater things. In the face of adversity his hidden capacities come to the fore and it is possible for him to reach undreamt of heights.