A 15 Billion Year Plan

According to scientific accounts, about 15 billion years ago, at the behest of the Creator, a big cosmic ball came into existence in space. This contained all the particles from which the various parts of our universe have been formed. Again, at the command of God, there was an explosion in this great cosmic ball which scientists refer to as the ‘Big Bang’. After this explosion, all its particles were scattered throughout the vastness of space. Later, according to the Creator’s plan, they began to assemble themselves in different forms. With the coming together of these particles, innumerable stars, galaxies, dark matter, and our solar system were formed. In this way, the entire universe gradually came into existence. The Creator then chose the planet earth for the implementation of one of His special plans. This process spanned aeons, as the planet earth cooled down. By God’s command water was produced and with heavy rainfall, seas and rivers came into existence. About three quarters of the planet earth was covered with water. Subsequently, again according to the Creator’s plan, vegetation appeared on the planet and the land became covered with lush green forests. Then the world of animals came into existence and the earth was filled with all kinds of living creatures: innumerable kinds of small organisms, fishes, birds, four-legged animals, etc. made their appearance. The next stage was to create man and to settle him on the planet Earth. Therefore, the first man Adam and his wife Eve were created. Then human beings continued to multiply until human settlements came into existence in all parts of the world. Later another part of God’s plan unfolded. This was the coming of the prophets to the Earth. All these prophets were human beings. God sent them especially to carry out the task of explaining to human beings His creation plan in a language which they could understand. A whole series of prophets, starting with the first man Adam, continued to come to this world over a long period of time.. Each one came in a different generation -- for instance, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and the Prophet Muhammad, who was the final prophet. Through the prophets God explained to human beings in one generation after another that the present world had been made as a selection ground: the actual and eternal place for man’s settlement was Paradise; Paradise was eternal as well as ideal in every respect; but entry into paradise would only be on a selective basis. An invisible recording system has been established on a universal scale by God, by means of which the words and deeds of every man and woman are continually being recorded. This record will be placed before them on the Day of Judgement. Then, in accordance with this record of people’s deeds, only those individuals who qualify for it will be selected for this perfect world of paradise. The Creator wanted to grant this special award to those selected individuals, so that they might eternally remain in this ideal world of Paradise, in an atmosphere of all kinds of pleasure and happiness, thus experiencing complete fulfillment. This will be a unique blessing of God which will be bestowed upon only a few fortunate human beings. The rest of the people will be thrown into hell, the dustbin of the universe, there to suffer eternally the torment of deprivation, frustration and despair. The Creator did not want to create this world by a miracle, but rather by cause and effect. The Prophet Moses was God’s messenger. He threw a wooden stick on the ground and by God’s command it turned into a live serpent. Had God so desired, He could have created the entire universe all of a sudden -- miraculously -- like Moses’ rod turning into a serpent.. But in doing so, creativity could not have been developed in man. No science, no civilization would have come into existence. That is why the Creator produced the universe by a long complex process, so that man might develop his thinking capacity and reach a high stage of intellectual development. This was a very lengthy plan, that is why 15 billion years passed in its completion. The present global warming is a warning signal from the Creator that the first stage of creation has come to an end, i.e. the stage of the selection of meritorious individuals. Now the Creator of the universe will uncover the veil of the invisible and appear before us and, with complete justice, will decide the eternal future of all human beings. Now the final hour has come for man to wake up and prepare himself to find a place in the eternal heaven of the next world after doomsday.