The Art of Failure Management

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | The Sunday Guardian | May 28, 2022     

An Industrialist once came to me with his daughter. He said that his daughter was getting married soon and asked me to pray for her successful married life. I told him that every marriage is doomed to failure, except for the ones in which the husband and wife learn the Art of Failure Management!

The Art of Failure Management lies in not looking at marriage as something ideal, but as a practical matter and then accepting one’s partner the way he or she is. People generally tend to measure their partners by an ideal yardstick, and when they do not measure up to their expectations, they tend to think that they have not found their ideal soul mate. This happens both in the case of a husband and a wife, and so both partners fail to experience the joys of their union.

The truth is that every woman and every man are almost the same. Physical appearances might be different, but inside, there is no great difference. If couples realize this, then they would rejoice in each other, and accept each other as the best life partners.