Articles by CPS Members

This section covers articles by some of the CPS team members who are also known as Ambassadors of Peace. The members follow the simple formula: "Change yourself through spirituality by living a God-oriented life and you will be able to change the world."
The Ambassadors of Peace have made it their life's ambition to spread the ideology of peace and spirituality throughout the world. According to Maulana, it is this team of individuals now located worldwide, who standing up to every test, will succeed in bringing about the revolution of peace the world has been waiting for so long.
The following are articles by CPS Members:

Sikh Women Who Were Source of Inspiration           Stuti Malhotra | Speaking Tree | Mar 05, 2021

Women in Sikhism                                                      Stuti Malhotra | Speaking Tree | (PDF)

Symbol Of Universal Brotherhood                              Stuti Malhotra | Speeking Tree (PDF) 

Teachings of Guru Nanak Dev: 550 Years                 Stuti Malhotra | Speaking Tree, April 30, 2019

The Prophet Mohammad: A Beautiful Model             Sufia Khan | Salaam (PDF) | vol. 39, n. 1, January 2018

Indian Msulims: Challenges and Opportunities          Maria Khan | Salaam (PDF) | vol. 39, n. 1, January 2018

Challenges Faced by Muslims in the Present Age     Maulana Farhad Ahmad | Salaam (PDF) | Religion and Security Council      

Patience and Forgiveness in the Quran                     Maria Khan | New Age Islam | 17 June 2017

A Workable Three-Point Formula For Success          Naghma Siddiqi       The Speaking Tree   March 27, 2017

Frau Im Islam  (German of Women in Islam)              Sufia Khan         IIC January 9, 2015

Der Begriff des Dschihad im Islam (German of  Concept of Jihad in Islam)        Maria Khan         IIC January 9, 2015

A conversation with Islamic scholar Maulana Wahduddin Khan      ICN Independent Catholic News       January 26, 2016

Understanding Religion, Mission, Jihad and Peace   Maria Khan  Islamic Voice                 October 15, 2014

Understanding Religion, Mission, Jihad and Peace  Maria Khan              September 08, 2014

  The Spirit Of Eid Al-Fitr                       Stuti Malhotra    The Speaking Tree                      July 29, 2014   PDF

  Ramadan Helps You Pause & Reflect  Rajat Malhotra    The Times of India                        June 30, 2014 PDF

Building Youth For A Bright Future  Naghma Siddiqi  International Journal of Applied Ethics    Volume 2, 2013-14 PDF
The True Jihad  Maria Khan  NewAgeIslam.Com January 28, 2014
We Are Part of The Solution  Naghma Siddiqi  The Times of India February 6, 2012 I PDF
Let Peace Prevail Sadia Khan The Times of India February 6, 2012
Travel and Open Your Mind Sadia Khan The Speaking Tree December 4, 2011
Prophet Said be Realistic Maria Khan The Times of India September 9, 2011
Lessons From Satan Sadia Khan The Times of India May 4, 2011
Keep Your Cool Razia Siddiqui The Times of India February 27, 2011
Journey of Self-Discovery Sadia khan The Times of India February 9, 2011
Open Heart, Open Mind Stuti Malhotra The Speaking Tree February 6, 2011

Democracy__an Islamic Perspective  Rajat Malthotra      PDF