Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | Creation Plan of God

A Muslim’s basic duty in this world is to bear witness to the Truth before mankind. It was to this duty that the Prophet alluded when he said to his followers: “You are God’s witnesses on earth.” (Sahih Muslim, Hadith No. 949 a) This subject is mentioned time and again in the Quran, from which we build up a comprehensive picture of the actual significance of bearing witness to the truth. Its frequent recurrence in the Holy Scriptures impresses upon the reader the fact that man has been put upon this earth to be tested. Does he acknowledge the Truth, or does he deny it? Does he mould his life to the encompassing realities, or does he beat his own rebellious path through life? Throughout human exist­ence, this is the test with which man is confronted.

This is no trivial matter. Its seriousness can be gauged from the fact that it is upon the outcome of man’s testing period in this life that his eternal future in the next life will be decided. It is on the basis of how individuals are rated in this life that some will be raised up to enter the gardens of eternal bliss, while others will be cast down to suffer eternal damnation.

The name of Dawah has been given to the task of spreading the message of Islam. Those who perform it are called witnesses, because it is they who will bear witness in the court of God when all mankind is brought before Him. It is they who will testify before God as to who accepted the Truth and who rejected it.

God has promised the Muslims that He will help them and grant them dominance in the world. For this to come about, however, Muslims must feel themselves duty-bound to perform the task assigned to them. If they stand as witnesses to the Truth, they will rise high in the world. But, if they neglect this duty, their place will be one of ignominy and disgrace.

The individual’s whole existence is moulded according to his chosen purpose in life. If Muslims make it their purpose to be witnes­ses to Truth on Earth, there will take place in them an enormous transformation. Their entire attitude to life will be transfigured. All mundane issues will pale into insignificance as they unflaggingly pursue their eternal goal. Without waiting for a change of heart in others, they will unilaterally put an end to all their worldly conflicts with other nation and will be content to bear any sacrifice for the sake of peace. They will be fully aware of the fact that it is only if there is peace between Muslims and other nations that non-Muslims will be disposed to listen to them, and to give serious thought to the message they convey.