Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | The Sunday Guardian | December 20, 2020       

With the end of the 14th century Hijrah, a whole era of Islam came to an end. With the beginning of the 15th century we are now on the threshold of a new era–one of great promise, for we are fortunate in having around us all the circumstances most conducive to the creation of a new and great era of Islam.

When the darkness of the night gives way to the light of the sun, it is nature’s silent way of announcing that one cycle of night and day is over and that with a fresh day, a fresh life is beginning; with the light of day, the wayfarer may take courage and hope to reach his destination. The morning sun sheds light on two views of life; one points at the back, and the other looks forward. One is of the lost chances left behind, while the other is of the opportunities that lie ahead of us, waiting to be seized. He who uses his opportunities well, will surely be successful in life. In this world of trial and competition, however, opportunities appear as such only to those who are capable of availing them. If we fail to grasp them, we will find that opportunity seldom knocks twice. Success, in other words, means the immediate availing of existing opportu­nities.

No one can make his start from the moment that has passed. If a start is to be made, it must be from now, today. Those who choose to live in the past, can expect little other than a steady deterioration of their circumstances and final annihilation.

We must forget lost opportunities and learn to make full use of the chances of today. We have to remember that the day once gone is never to return, and we can expect no quarter to be given to us by the relent­less march of time. If we strike while the iron is hot, success will surely come our way.