A believer loves simplicity

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan I The Sunday Guardian I 24th Mar. 2013 I Page 12

A person, who discovers God, starts living by nature on the plane of higher realities. He rises above outward, superficial things and finds sources of interest in the world of piety. Such a person by his very nature becomes a simplicity loving person. His motto is simple living and high thinking.

One who has acquired the taste for the meaning of the divine reality can have no taste for outward and material things. Such a person relishes simplicity. In his eyes, pretensions lose their attraction. His soul finds peace in natural things. Unnatural and artificial things appear to him as if they are causing his inner world to disintegrate and creating obstacles to the progress of his spiritual journey.

Simplicity is a support to the believer. It contributes to his strength. By opting for simplicity he is able to put his time to the best use by not wasting it on irrelevant matters. He does not let his attention be diverted to things that are inessential, so far as his goal is concerned. And in this way, he is able to devote himself whole-heartedly to the achievement of higher goals.

Simplicity is the food of the believer, and it serves as apparel for his modesty. It is in an atmosphere of simplicity that his personality finds the scope for its growth. On the contrary, if the believer builds up an artificial glamour around himself, he will eventually feel as if he is imprisoned in a cell.

A believer considers himself God's servant in the ultimate sense of the word. One who consistently thinks in this way inevitably finds his whole disposition veering towards simplicity. Since ostentation, artificiality and social pretensions are at variance with his disposition, he resolutely avoids them throughout his life, in his manner of living and in his daily dealings.