Consider no one as your enemy

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan I The Sunday Guardian I 9th Dec. 2012 I Page 12

Jim Corbett once wrote: "No tiger attacks a human being unless provoked." People who live in jungles where tigers roam will confirm the truth of Jim Corbett's words. There is usually no cause for concern when one comes face to face with a tiger. Unless it is provoked — or harbours deep-rooted suspicion of human beings — the beast will ignore one and continue on its way.

And how does this suspicion form in some tigers? Tigers are by nature not ill-disposed towards human beings. Only a very few of them can be called man-eaters, and even they were not born as such. They became man-eaters not through any fault of their own, but through the folly of human beings. Usually it is inexperienced hunters who do the damage. They shoot at a beast, wounding but not killing it. A tiger injured in this manner becomes man's enemy.

This information from the world of nature holds deep significance for man.

It shows that one should not think of anyone — not even the most savage people — as one's enemy in advance. One will only be treated as an enemy if that is how one sees others. If one does not view them with animosity, they are more likely to be amicable in return. This is what the Quran means when it says that your enemy can become your "dearest friend" (41:34).

Everyone has certain needs and desires in this world, which they remain busy fulfilling. The secret of life is not to stand in a person's way. If one does not make oneself a target for another's vengeance, but lets everyone continue to pursue his own goal in life, then one is not going to find one's own path blocked by others. One will find everyone so absorbed in minding his own business that he has no time to interfere with that of others.