Count your blessings

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan I The Sunday Guardian I October 12, 2014

A phenomenon is mentioned in the Quran in Chapter 7. Using this phenomenon as a parable the Quran mentions a human character in these words: "He was like a dog that pants whether you load it up or leave it alone" (7:176).

Panting is a unique habit in dogs. Dogs pant because this is their way of cooling down. The phenomenon of panting is a part of dog's natural body system. The Quran uses it in the ethical sense for those people who know nothing except complaining in every situation.

It is a law of nature that if 99% of your need is fulfilled, there will always be 1% need which will remain unfulfilled. Those who have not developed right thinking in them, focus on the 1% they do not have and forget the 99% they have. Such people are always ungrateful.

But those who have developed the right thinking are grateful towards the Creator for the 99% that they have, and ignore the 1% that they do not have. This habit of theirs helps them live in gratefulness all the time in every situation.

One characteristic of the present age is decentralization of the economy. Due to this phenomenon every person has got the opportunity to earn money and lead a comfortable life.

In earlier times deprivation was common, but in the modern age affluence is common, the only difference is that some people live in more luxury while others in less. This phenomenon is a great blessing of God, as it gives the opportunity to everyone to live in gratefulness. But, due to the above dog-culture, people are still living in ungratefulness.

They ignore the 99% they possess and are conscious only of the 1% they are deprived of. The right person is one who concentrates on the 99% he has and ignores the 1% he does not have.