Couples should be understanding

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | The Sunday Guardian | March 05, 2017, p. 10

There is a hadith about spouses, according to which the Prophet said: “A believing man should not be displeased with a believing woman. If he dislikes one of her qualities, there will be another quality in her with which he will be pleased.” (Sahih Muslim, hadith no. 1469).

This is a wise advice for relations between a husband and wife.

In line with God’s Creation Plan, women and men have different abilities. If a man or a woman feels that his or her partner is not in accordance with his or her liking, his or her opinion is because of wrong analysis.

This is because men and women have different types of abilities. They should not rush to form a conclusion about each other. Instead, they should try to understand one other.

If they do this, they will both discover that if their partner has one quality that is not in accordance with their liking, she or he also has one or more quality that is in accordance with their liking.

Men and women are like cogwheels for each other. If the two cogs do not fit with each other immediately, they must think deeply about each other. If they do this, they will soon discover that their lack of adjustment was because both of them did not know each other properly.

Once they get to know each other well, they will discover their previous error of judgment, because otherwise, in accordance with the law of nature, they have been made like cogwheels for each other.

The Creator has not made anyone useless. Every man and woman have been created so that, joining together, they can play a useful role in life.

Try and find out this plan of nature, and then you will have no complaint.