Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | Concept of Hereafter | Al-Risala October, 1987

After the death of former Prime Minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the Government of India planned that her house should be maintained as a museum so that people might come and pay their tributes to the memory of the most powerful woman in the world – who died a martyr.

The great irony of this death is that not all the power in this world was able to prevent it. At that moment of the horrendous slaughter, one saw in Mrs. Gandhi, not a mighty leader at the pinnacle of international fame, but a poor, frail, helpless victim whom nothing and no one could save. It mattered naught that she lived in a splendid mansion, possessed unparalleled political power, was heavily guarded night and day and was looked up to by millions. She was dead by the very weapons which should have been used to save her life; and in the end, her lot was worse than the most helpless and disadvantaged member of the society.   

From this we should learn the lesson of humility before God. No power on earth can keep us alive if it is God’s will that we die. No power on earth can interpose between us and our Maker on the day of judgement. No memorials erected by human beings will alter one whit our onward course towards heaven or hell. No human intercession will cause the slightest wavering in the judgement of our Divine Creator.