Destined for Great Deeds

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | Soulveda | Jan 8, 2022

One always finds two types of people in the world. On the one hand, there are those who want an immediate reward for all that they do, with their recompense exceeding the work they have put in. Then there are those who are not out for any material reward. The knowledge that they have contributed in some way to a worthwhile cause is a sufficient reward for them. If they receive no recompense for their efforts, it does not cause them concern or arouse their anger. They play their part; it does not adversely affect their personal contribution, so engrossed are they in the cause for which they are working.

Outwardly, both groups appear the same, but in reality, there is a world of difference between the two. Besides their superficial similarity, the two have nothing in common. The first group, one might say, keep the markets of the world turning over, while the second group turn over new pages in human history. Such is the extent to which the two differ.

It is the second group who make meaningful, valuable contributions to the betterment of humanity, for it is they who are able to join in a common struggle, without which no worthwhile work can be achieved in this world. Whenever a number of people work together for a common goal, it is inevitable that some should receive more credit than others.

Some are hailed for their achievements, while others are denied all recognition. This is true of all movements, whether popular or prophetic in nature. There is only one way for a common effort to prosper, and that is by people forgetting about their rights, and remembering only their responsibilities.

Unless there is a spirit of selfless struggle among those participating in a common cause, it is not only those who receive no recompense who will feel ill­-treated, even those who are rewarded for their contribution will feel that they have not been done justice. Seldom does the reward a person receives for his efforts live up to his expectations. It is a case of either being satisfied with nothing or never being satisfied at all.

People who are destined to perform great deeds in life are those who do not seek any reward for what they have done; the very fact that they have done something is a sufficient reward for them. The knowledge that they have played their part is enough to make them content, even more so than those who have been abundantly rewarded for their efforts.