The discovery of our helplessness

By Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | Sunday Guardian | March 15, 2020

As a created being, man is in the complete sense, a helpless creature. However, for the purpose of the test of mankind, it appears as if he is in control and possesses the power to  direct his life.

Man should reach beyond this apparent feeling of control and discover his helplessness. This is a great discovery within which lies all the secrets to his success.

The discovery of helplessness is the greatest discovery for any man. This discovery gives him great prospects for remembering and beseeching his Lord. It gives him the opportunity to say: “O Lord! You have created man as a helpless being. All Power  is only with you and all helplessness is in man. In such a situation,Youcannot afford to be indifferent towards me.

This is against Your Glory as the Creator and Sustainer that You can be indifferent towards Your helpless creatures.

It is imperative that between You and Your creation there should be a relationship of a Giver towards the deprived. Only such a relationship befits the glory of God the Beneficent the Merciful.”

This is the type of supplication which is considered in the Hadith as the one which will certainly be responded to by God Almighty. When man sincerely beseeches his Lord: “O God, You have created me a helpless being, so now you cannot be indifferent towards me.”

Discover your helplessness. This is a great discovery within which lies all the secrets to success.When a man calls out to his Lord in such a manner, God’s mercy reaches him in return faster than the speed of light. God’s response is so swift that it welcomes the supplication, rather than the supplication requesting God’s response.