Dr. Farida Khanam

Dr. Farida Khanam is the Chairperson of CPS International. She is associate professor at the Department of Islamic Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. She has translated numerous books of Maulana Wahiduddin Khan in English and has written numerous books on Islam. This section has a compilation of her choicest articles.

Hajj—The Supreme Act of Worship                      30 July 2020

Soft and Strong                                                        PDF |  Speaking Tree, March 03, 2019

खुशहाल समाज का निर्माण करता है रमज़ान                     PDF | Dainik Jagran, Jagran City, June 1, 2018, p 25

Muslim Mahilaon ke Haq Mein                                 PDF | Amar Ujala, New Delhi, August 23, p. 12

Ramzan And The Significance Of Fasting               PDF | The Times of India, New Delhi | Jun 8, 2017

Talaq Talaq Talaq                                                     PDF | The Speaking Tree, Delhi | November 06,2016 |  New Age Islam 

Valuable Lessons From The Honeybee                  PDF |  The Times of India, Delhi | June 25, 2016

The Holy Month of Fasting And Prayer                   PDF |  The Times of India, Delhi | June 6, 2016

The Importance of Religion in Peace-Building        Diplomatic Square | March 07, 2016

‘What led man to create God?’                                PDF |  The Speaking Tree | February 21 | 2016

The Three Semitic Religions                                   PDF |  The Speaking Tree | December 20 | 2015

The Holy Month Of Contemplation                          PDF | The Times of India | July 13, 2015

Peace-Building through Learning: The Islamic Perspective | WBCT-OUCIP | October 29, 2013 

Mehnat Aor Lagan se har Kaam Mumkin hi I         PDF  I Rashtriya Sahara I 25th May 2012 I Page 7

How can you ban an idea?                                     PDF   I TOI   I December 25, 2011  I Page 22

Reaching For Higher Ground                                 PDF  I The Speaking Tree  I TOI  I April 29, 2010 | Page 14

Here's the truth behind the Veil                             Crest Edition  I TOI  I Week Jan.30 - Feb. 5, 2010 | Page 16

Spring-Clean Your Mind                                        Crest Edition  I TOI  I Week Dec.5 - Dec. 11, 2009 | Page 30

 Peace and  Mercy gone for a Toss                       PDF  I The Pioneer  I 24 Jan. 2001 I Page 5

The burqa is not a part of Islam but an element of Muslim culture and the distinction is important, TOI , January 30,2010  |  PDF