Every man is born on the path of God

Every man is born on the path of God | The Sunday Guardian | 2nd September 2012 | Page 12

Man is a creature and God is the creator. Every creature must seek the blessings of his creator. Every man and woman must proceed towards this goal destined by God. This is laid down in the Quran in the chapter entitled Al-Dhariyat (scattering winds). The translation of this verse is as follows: "The Prophet said therefore hasten to God; truly, I am sent by Him to give you a clear warning" (51:50).

Every man and woman is born on the path of God. Some proceed along this predetermined path, while others deviate from it. Steadfastness in remaining on the true path is subject to a divine test, and everyone will certainly be put to this test. Everyone must exercise great prudence in this, for it is only those who follow of this path who will go to paradise. Those who fail to do so, will go to the place of eternal failure.

It is an established fact that everyone is born with a certain inner urge — nature's gift to him — to reach a particular a goal. This urge is so common that there is no exception whatsoever — rich and poor, educated and uneducated; whites and blacks, all are born with this natural urge. So, it is an issue for all individuals.

What is this goal? First of all, it is to find out one's own creator, to understand the plan of God and to grasp all those factors that are relevant to this earth.

All the prophets came with this single agenda. They all wanted to guide mankind towards this goal. To this end, they received revelations which took the form of guidance from God Almighty.

The only path that has no end is the road to God. It continues even after the death of human beings, both men and women. It is an unbroken trajectory into eternity, from the limited world to a world without limitations.