Everything happens by God’s will, why does he not then stop bad deeds?

My question is that every event takes place by the wish of Allah then if any person do wrong work then why Allah punish him. If a person doing wrong work such as murder ,rape then why Allah not take over that. If Allah wish then these event not happen then why this happen.

Man is free. He enjoys total freedom. Your personal experience is enough to make you understand this fact. You must have experienced the feeling everyday that you are free to do anything. According to Islam, both reward and punishment depend upon one's own intentions. When one kills another person, he does this by intention, and due to this intention one is responsible for his deed. 
It is wrong to say that everything happens according to God's wish. The fact is that the infrastructure was provided by God, in this sense, everything is pre-determined. But, when man exploits this infrastructure according to his own intention, it is this intention that makes him responsible for his deeds.