Failure is Not the Last Word in Life

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan I The Sunday Guardian I  Oct 2, 2022

Bidhan Chandra Roy (1882 – 1962) was a highly respected physician and a renowned freedom fighter. After Independence he was elected the second Chief Minister of West Bengal and is often considered the great architect of West Bengal, because he founded five eminent cities in the state.

However, the early part of his life was not at all encouraging for him. After graduating from Calcutta, Bidhan sailed for England with only Rs. 1,200, intending to enrol himself at St Bartholomew’s Hospital to further his education. The Dean, reluctant to accept a student from Asia, rejected his application. But he did not lose heart. Again and again he submitted his application until, finally, the Dean admitted Bidhan to the college – after thirty admission requests.

There are many instances in history of such persons who experienced failure in their early years. But, they continued their struggle and finally became very successful. The number of opportunities is far greater than the number of failures. Given this state of affairs, no one needs to despair. One should rather carry on one’s struggle in an unflagging manner. Even after failing ‘thirty times’, one can emerge victorious.

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