The Final Divine Call

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | Book: Global Warming: The Divine Warning of Doomsday, pp. 57-59 | Dec 9, 2021

From the Quran and Hadith we also learn that, before the end of the world, a Final Divine Call will be given so that the human beings inhabiting this world finally come to know that they have to stand before the Creator of this world for the final reckoning, and that thereafter there will be either eternal heaven or eternal hell.

Sahih Muslim, one of the most authentic books of Hadith, tells us that the Prophet told his Companions that during the last days a believer from the Muslim community would attain higher level of realization of religious truths through scientific arguments and convey these truths peacefully to all mankind. This event, in its reality, would be so great that the Prophet observed, “In the eyes of God, this would be the greatest witness in the entire human history.” (Sahih Muslim, Hadith No. 2938)

The present state of affairs tells us that that time has already come when certain people shall arise and perform this role. This tradition, along with other such traditions, in fact, indicate the opportunity of peacefully conveying God’s word that must be availed of before Doomsday strikes. People must rush to perform this role.

Thus this greatest witness to mankind is related to the greatest of possibilities available in those times. This tradition means that, during the last days, there will appear very great opportunities by availing of which it will become possible to perform the greatest role of conveying the divine message ever performed.

This call before Doomsday is not going to be performed miraculously. Rather it will be performed through the process of ‘cause and effect’. Now the opportunities for this final divine call have fully come into existence through modern means of communication. What is required is for people to rise and fully avail of these opportunities and communicate the divine message throughout the world.

The Angel Israfil, who holds the trumpet, is perhaps waiting for this final call. According to the hadith, this call will take place before the end of the world, and all the opportunities for it to be made have been created by God. Now the only thing which is required is to utilize these opportunities and perform this great task.

Global warming leading to the end of the world is no simple matter. It is directly linked with divine law. The present world was not given to man by way of right or reward, nor was it something he acquired accidentally. No indeed! He was placed here for the purpose of being tested. After the completion of the test period, man will lose any justification to live in this world. This is just like being in an examination hall. The candidate is allowed to come to the hall for a limited period of time to take the test. The moment this time is up, he has to hand in his paper—whether he has completed it or not—and leave the room. The same is true of man’s stay in this world, only on a larger and more complex scale.