Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | Soulveda

Man’s life and property are gifts of God. He owes everything he possesses to God alone. The only way to give thanks for these innumerable gifts is to dispose of them as God wishes.  Such expenditure of one’s wealth is symbolic of one’s complete trust in God.

Man owes whatever he earns in this world to the fact that God has given him hands and feet to use for this purpose. He has endowed man with eyes and a tongue with which to see and speak. He has blessed him with an intellect which enables him to think and plan.

At the same time God has made the world subordinate to man.  If the world had not been placed at man’s disposal, his physical and mental capabilities alone would never have enabled him to derive any benefit from the world around him. If the wheat grain had not grown in the form of a crop but had stayed lying on the ground like a pebble, it would have become impossible for man to harvest grain. If the powers of nature had not performed their specific functions, electricity could not have been produced, and vehicles would not have been made to move.

Whatever man earns in this world is a direct favor from God. In return, man should spend his earnings in a way which would meet with God’s approval. He should use his money to help the poor and spend the wealth which God has granted him in the ways specified by Him.

Real charity is that which is given for God’s sake alone, not for fame, self-esteem, or worldly reward. Wealth saves one from worldly hardship; that which is given away for God’s sake saves one from hardships of the life after death.