Islamic Spirituality and Positivity

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | Spirituality in Islam

Everyone may be born spiritual, that is, one may be spiritual by nature, but, after birth, one lives in a society, which, with its multiple influences conditions or shape man’s personality or nurture one based on negative feelings – just like the layers of the onion that cover its bulb. These negative feelings can be of anger, revenge, jealousy, hatred and rivalry.

The individual, to regain his spiritual character, has, therefore, to de-condition himself through a superior intellectual process, which will necessitate his mental de-conditioning. And it is spirituality, which makes it possible to de-condition the individual, so that he may revert to the natural state in which he was born. For this to happen, he has to re-engineer his mind. Man must become disciplined and not allow his personality to develop under the influence of external incentives. He should by his own decisions construct his personality on the basis of higher principles. Only then will he be of a divine character. He has to shake and jolt and remould his personality to abide by the plan of the Creator. He has to turn himself into the kind of person who is shaped not by society, but by spirituality and is thus able to live a God-oriented life.

CPS International and its affiliates are spreading the message of contemplative spirituality by making people aware of the importance of awakening their intellect. They are helping people develop clear thinking and start the deconditioning process in them to convert negative influences into positive ones and results in what is known as a positive personality – the essential ingredient for success.