Lessons from nature

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | The Sunday Guardian | Nov. 24, 2019

We are a minuscule part of a gigantic universe. We should adopt the same behaviour in our lives as that adopted by all the other components of the Universe. This is the correct natural course, and the secret to our success lies in adopting this course.

What is this behavioural model present in the Universe? Each star and planet moves in its own orbit with incredible precision and regularity, in accordance with the laws of nature. None of them move out of their own orbits and trespass on another’s orbit. Due to this discipline, there is peace and order in the Universe.

Likewise, we should also adopt this policy of non-interference in society. Everyone should be conscious of the fact that their freedom ends where the freedom of others begins. The discipline of the laws of nature ensures peace and order in the universe.

The study of the Universe shows that everything gives something to the others without taking anything in return.

For instance, the sun provides light and warmth to inhabitants of our little world, but it does not take anything in return. The atmosphere continuously provides life-sustaining oxygen, without taking anything in return.

Everything in the world continuously conveys the message that we should give, without taking anything in return. We should adopt this culture, and live as givers, rather than takers.

We have to bring our free will under the universal discipline, living as though we are following the laws of nature, as though we have no choice. We have to submit to the will of God, which is expressed in the Universe in the form of the laws of nature. This attitude of submission is the only right behaviour, which will guarantee us eternal success.