Living with a positive mind

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | The Sunday Guardian | Nov 26, 2017

Prayer is only another name for spirituality: spirituality and peace are two sides of a single coin. Spirituality is the inner content of peace and peace is the external expression of spirituality. Where there is peace, there is spirituality, and where there is spirituality there is peace. Both are interconnected.

The other aspect of prayer is positivity. Positive thinking is the basis of   all kinds of high virtues. Moreover, it requires a positive mind to build a healthy and creative personality. Without positive thinking, intellectual development is impossible.

Butthereisthepointinquestionoftherebeingdifferentkindsofunpleasant experiences in our practical lives. And these can occur at any time, often involving scenes of a provocative nature. All such happenings are bound  to start a negative train of thinking in every man and woman. In such a situation, how can we maintain positivity? What is thesolution?

The solution is to learn the art of conversion. You have to convert negativity into positivity. You have to try to live with a positive mind even in negative situations. This seems to be a very difficult task. But this is not so. God Almighty has given us a mind and the mind has an unlimited capacity. One philosopher has rightly said: “I am large enough to contain all these contradictions.” So, use your mind, try to manage the differences. If a cow can convert the grass that it eats into milk, why cannot man, with a mind a billion times more developed than that of a cow, convert negativity into positivity? It must be conceded that it is quite possible for a man to convert negativity into positivity, i.e. to live with a positive mind in a negative situation.

This is the gist of prayer. This is the essence of spirituality; this is the secret of a peaceful life, both individual and social.