Lose in order to gain

By Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | Sunday Guardian | April 12, 2020

The Prophet of Islam has been reported as saying that the noblest charity is that of imparting knowledge to one’s brethren.
What is charity? It is the extension of goodwill and love towards one’s fellow creatures. This feeling can find expression in the form of gifts of money, or simply in the giving of good advice. There are many forms in which it can be expressed. One of its outward manifestations takes the form of the gifting of knowledge.
Knowledge, that is, the realisation of truth, is undoubtedly the greatest thing in the universe and that is why the charity of imparting knowledge is said to be the greatest of charities. It is the most sublime of passions to be moved to do good to others, to convey to others the light of truth that one has received from God.
It is only those who are sympathetic and considerate to others who can convey this knowledge to them.
They must feel the pain of others in their hearts and sacrifice their own interests for the interests of others.
They must understand others before their message can be understood.
They must divest themselves completely of any such egoistic element as would hinder the creation of a receptive ambience.
This is the only way to elicit a positive response from those to whom the message is conveyed.
The charity of imparting knowledge must often be made at the cost of a great sacrifice.
It becomes possible only when man is willing to lose for the sake of others’ gain.
When a man is not willing to lose, he misses the opportunity of giving to others.