Make angels your companions

Make angels your companions | Sunday Guardian | 5th February 2012 | Page 15 Every human being needs trustworthy companions who will support him at every juncture of his life. According to the Quran, these trustworthy companions are none other than the angels. In the chapter entitled Fussilat (Revelations Well Expounded), the Quran guides us on this point. The relevant verses are as follows: "As for those who say, 'Our Lord is God,' and then remain steadfast, the angels will descend on them, saying, 'Have no fear and do not grieve. Rejoice in the (good news of the) Garden that you have been promised. We are your companions in this life and in the Hereafter. Therein you shall have all that your souls desire, and therein you shall have all that you ask for'" (41:30-31). Here the Quran tells us that the greatest blessing for both men and women is having angels as their companions. It is the angels who guide them from the present world to the world hereafter. Who are those people who will be blessed with angels as their companions? In the above verses, the Quran gives only two basic conditions. The first condition given in the Quran is that the deity worshipped by the believer should be Allah. Saying this is not simply the mouthing of words: it arises out of a discovery. This means that when one discovers the existence of God, he consequently adopts a God-oriented life in the real sense of the word. The second condition laid down in the Quran is that the believer should remain steadfast. It means that he should become so cautious about his new decision that he makes every effort not to deviate from the divine path and endeavours to save himself from all kinds of distraction. These two conditions are a major part of rab culture, or divine culture. Those who adopt this culture in all seriousness will instantly find the angels descending upon them.