Making Mountains Out of Mole Hills

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan I The Sunday Guardian I  January 28, 2023

The Quarrels between a husband and wife are mostly due to trivial matters. These disagreements can sometimes escalate into serious discord. Since a husband and wife live together, conflicts arise due to constant proximity. If the same couple were to meet in different circumstances, they would most likely get along rather well.

If a couple were aware of the insignificance of their disagreements, serious conflicts would never arise. This ignorance makes them regard the matter as something of importance, while it is only relative in nature.

The temperament of every person is different. This is a natural phenomenon. Differences do not surface when people are mere acquaintances. Differences start surfacing only when they start their lives together. If couples were to accept these differences as a part of nature, they would learn to look beyond them and work towards a meaningful relationship. Most of the problems in life are due to ignorance. Recognizing one’s own ignorance and doing something about it will save one from unnecessary problems.