The Mind-Boggling Universe

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | The Sunday Guardian | Aug 15, 2021 

According to a report published by Time on February 26, 2015 titled, “Scientists Find a Black Hole 12 Billion Times More Massive Than the Sun”, scientists have discovered the largest black hole to date. It is not only 12 billion times bigger than the sun, but also 420 trillion times more luminous than it. The black hole’s mass is 12.8 billion light years away and it is the most luminous object ever seen in such ancient space.

The greatness of a machine is a demonstration of the great engineering mind that conceived of and constructed that machine. The same is true also of the universe, which is so great that even the most sophisticated telescope cannot reveal its width and depth. This mind-boggling greatness of the universe is undeniable evidence that there is a Great Creator who created it and is sustaining it in the most perfect manner!

Such scientific discoveries impart two lessons. On the one hand, they strengthen the conviction that this universe has an all-powerful Creator. On the other hand, they highlight the fact that this all-powerful Creator is so Merciful that He did not make this massive universe harmful for man. Instead, He made it a custom-made environment for all living creatures. This realization has a humbling effect on man, which is all to the good because modesty eradicates of all kinds of evil in mankind.

Science is not a branch of religion, but certainly these discoveries are so favourable for religion that they can be called a supporting factor for it. The study of science promotes scientific thinking and a realistic approach in man which is key to his personality development.