No Discrimination in Divine Blessing

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | Speaking Tree Blog | October 04, 2021

One often hears of a certain Mr. So and So having been born with a silver spoon in his mouth. This notion conveys a wrong perception of reality. According to it, there is no equality in the divine scheme of birth, meaning that some are born with special blessings while others are not. This concept is totally wrong.

Blessings are based not on birthright but on opportunity. Opportunity is the most important thing in life. One who avails of opportunities becomes successful, while one who fails to do so becomes a failure. Success is the outcome of one’s own efforts. It has nothing to do with birth.

Everyone is born on an equal basis. The most appropriate saying would be: ‘Everyone is born with the silver spoon of opportunity.’ There are many people who are born into affluent circumstances and have every advantage in life, but due to a combination of apathy and incompetence, have become failures. On the contrary, there are others born in straitened circumstances who, thanks to their own efforts, have emerged as super-achievers.

In fact, those who are born into abundance can actually become deprived persons, because, where there is abundance, there is no incentive to work and study hard. Because of this lack of motivation, they make no effort to go on and do better things. Sooner or later, things begin to deteriorate and, in extreme cases, one who has made no effort to enhance his existence may ultimately find himself descending into poverty. Those, on the other hand, who were born in deprived circumstances, become strongly motivated by their poverty to successfully change their lot in life.

Abundance erodes the good qualities in one’s personality while scarcity proves to be a booster for personality development. This means that in terms of results, poverty is a far greater a blessing than abundance. Deprived persons are highly blessed persons. This is the lesson taught us by long experience.