Paradise: Man’s Destination

Animals have no consciousness of tomorrow. They live only in their ‘today’ and die in their ‘today’; whereas man has a sense of tomorrow. Man cherishes a very pleasant consciousness of tomorrow, an aspiration towards a better day, or the fulfillment of his dreams. All human beings strive hard to make their tomorrow better and better. But they do not find this ‘tomorrow’. The reason being that this ‘tomorrow’ is not to materialize in this world, but will come into existence, in the eternal life to come, i.e. in the Hereafter.

After death, everyone will discover that ‘tomorrow’. Those who have prepared for it will meet with all kinds of success there, while those who have not made the necessary preparations will be doomed. They will be denied all the good things of that life.

This world is therefore a ‘pathway’ and paradise is its ‘final destination’. Man has come here to tread this path while on his way to eternal bliss.

Paradise is an eternal abode: a perfect place for all kinds of happiness and comforts. Paradise is free from all kinds of limitations and disadvantages. Paradise is the realization of human dreams of finding an ideal world. If the present world is a ‘thorn,’ then the world of paradise is the ‘rose’.

Paradise makes this world fulfilling

For one who has no concept of paradise, total fulfillment in this present world will turn out to be a lifelong quest that has ended in failure. People expend all their energy in its pursuit, but they fail to construct this dream world for themselves.

One who is able to discover paradise, begins his life in paradise from this world itself. Here, he will have the pleasure of its intellectual discovery; and after death he will have the pleasure of actually experiencing it. Today, he is blessed with peace of mind; tomorrow he will experience this peaceful life in his external world also. Today he has the full satisfaction of conviction at the intellectual level; tomorrow he will find an opportunity to live in the pleasures and comforts of practical life. Today he is living in a world of limitations; tomorrow he will find an unlimited world in which to live forever, in total freedom. Today he finds paradise in the intellectual sense; tomorrow he will find it in the practical sense. Indeed, there is nothing greater than this for man.