The Proof of the Existence of God

When a human being exists, why cannot God exist? When air and water, trees and stones, moon and stars exist, why should the existence of their Creator be doubted? The truth is that the existence of creation is the proof of the act of creation. And the presence of man is proof of the fact that there exists such a Creator as can see and hear, think and bring things into existence. God, of course, is not visible to the naked eye. But there is no doubt about it that many of the things existing in this world cannot be seen either. Then why is it necessary to see God, physically, in order to believe in Him? The stars twinkle in the sky. The layman thinks that he is looking at the stars, whereas, strictly speaking, from the scientific point of view, this is not true. When we are looking at the stars, we are not actually looking directly at them, but at the light which emanated from them millions of years ago, and which has only now become visible to our eyes. The same is true of many things in this world. All those things which man ‘sees’ in this world are viewed by him indirectly. There is little that man can see directly, because of his present limitations. When all the things of this world are accepted on the basis of indirect evidence, why is it that the presence of God should not be accepted on the same basis? The fact is that God is as much a proven fact as any other phenomenon in this world. Everything in this world is proven on the basis of indirect evidence. Everything in this world is known by its effect. Precisely of the same nature is the existence of God. It is true, of course, that God is not to be seen directly with our eyes. But God is certainly visible through His signs. And, undoubtedly, this is enough scientific proof of God’s existence.