The Purpose of Religion

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | Soulveda

There are two aspects to our world. One pertains to the visible world and the other to the invisible world. The visible world can be likened to the tip of an iceberg. Only the tip or a very tiny part of the iceberg is observable while the major part of it remains hidden from the eyes, submerged within the water. It is the only religion that enables us to be able to cross the surface of the sea, deeper into the ocean beds and see the major part of this iceberg.

Repeatedly we come across such occasions in life, when a person feels he is helpless. He feels the very ends of life have slipped away from his hands. At this point in time, it is the only religion that appears as a saviour. It saves his sinking ship. At that juncture, religion becomes a source of courage and conviction. Religious man, by nature, is a predictable human being. One can reliably predict his behaviour in advance.

A religion is the source of all positive ethics. Religion gives man the power to forgive the offender. Religion raises him above greed. The feeling of envy is uprooted. He treats people with tolerance. He honours people without discrimination. He saves himself from committing injustice, always sticking to the path of justice. He treats even his enemies with justice and fairness. He contributes positively to society, becoming a giver rather than just a taker.

Religion makes one a man of principle, he becomes a person of principled character. He develops self-control and self-discipline. Religious man, by nature, is a predictable human being. One can reliably predict his behaviour in advance. A religious person is a serious-minded and honest person. He is ever ready to appraise himself. A self-corrective mechanism grows within him, and this quality keeps rejuvenating his personality.

How does religion produce these superior and refined qualities in man? The reason for this is that the bounds of religion are connected with God, who is the source of all goodness. God thus becomes a source of inspiration for everyone.

Religion makes man God-oriented. It produces God-oriented thinking. His life is a God-oriented life. This is the thing which makes a religious person unconquerable. A religious person develops communion with God and such a person becomes strong and powerful.