Ramadan is a Culture of Purification

By Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | The Speaking Tree | May 08, 2020

1. Ramadan is a Culture of Purification

Ramadan entails much more than fasting; it is the fostering of a culture of abstinence aimed at purification of thought, speech and general behaviour.

2. Fasting Means Directing One’s Heart to God

Fasting entails cutting oneself off from the world and turning to God; not in a physical sense, but having one’s heart and mind continually directed towards God, whatever bodily activity one may be engaged in.

3. Fasting is a Lesson

Putting a curb on man’s basic necessities is to give a strongly worded lesson—that the things God has forbidden you must be eschewed, however contrary that might be to your tastes and habits.