Truth will prevail

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | The Sunday Guardian | July 26, 2020

Why do hunters think it is a glorifying act to kill lions? Why are some lions confined to a cage? People justify these acts by saying they want the lions’ head as a trophy or by citing the argument that the lion is a savage and bloodthirsty beast. However, this is only a one-sided statement—the stand of the lion, in this respect, is not known to us. This phenomenon is because the lion, in spite of its bravery and majesty, does not possess the ability to speak.

In this regard, there is a maxim famous among the African people:  Until lions can speak, the only history will be that of the hunters.  This proverb is applicable, in a greater sense, to human life. In the present world, due to various reasons, truth is speechless like the lion. All realities lay hidden. Everyday false statements appear in newspapers. Books, magazines, the internet and social media consist of thoughts of a person’s own liking. In conferences and seminars, the one who has the power of rhetoric is raised to the lofty position of a hero.

In the midst of this verbal uproar, the truth remains concealed—truth does not speak of itself. However, this situation will prevail only so long as truth does not express itself. Soon, the time is about to come when the “lion” of the truth will roar out. It will make reality known to people, while they sought to present a version of it suited to their own interests. It will disclose what a person really was from within while pretending all along to be something else. It will reveal a person’s real intentions and motives when he tried to impress others from the stage.

The state of affairs existing in this world is wholly temporary—it is certainly not everlasting. A time is sure to come when the lion speaks. A time when the curtain shall be raised from falsehood and truth shall become evident for all to see. That time will come on the Day of Judgment, when man will be made to stand before his Creator. Man should prepare for such a time when truth will prevail.