What Is Success?

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | Soulveda | December 30, 2016

Men of fortune become subjects of envy to the people around them. They are considered fortunate for having succeeded in achieving worldly power and position. But do those who have managed to come to the top necessarily feel that this is so? Possibly not. Wealth is not all that man needs. It can at best, serve the needs of the body, leaving the soul to starve. The feeling of something missing disturbs one. They feel as helpless as a common man does. Faced with an inner vacancy, a yawning gap in the soul that has to be filled, one turns to something or the other for a sense of plenitude.

This fact is borne out by the news-item which appeared in The Times of India of January 1, 1985. In spite of all the luxuries at his command, Mr Ford, the owner of the famous Ford Motor Company in the U.S.A. felt something missing in his life. His soul was not at rest, it was hankering after something else. In this state, when he was introduced to the Hare Krishna movement, he felt attracted to it as it seemed to answer and satisfy the cravings of his soul.

He joined the movement. Afterwards, he married a Hindu girl, Sharmila Battacharya (39) who was associated with the movement. The marriage ceremony took place in one of its centres in Australia. On this occasion, a photograph was published in the newspapers where he was seen in seamless clothes. Here is a part of the interview he gave to the AP correspondent:

“I am not a car. I’m a spiritual soul, just like anyone else.” he said. “I’m only a Ford by name,” he further added.

No amount of wealth and fortune can supply the needs of the human soul. Material things do not become part of One’s being. Soul therefore, cannot rest in things beneath itself. That is why, amidst plenty, one is plagued by loneliness. One is always seeking for something which can compensate this loss, which can fill the inner vacancy, which can become a part of one’s being. Often man is unable to understand this, and goes sadly astray. The only true answer to this quest for a sense of spiritual fulfilment can be found in turning to God, the Lord and Creator of everything.