Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | Discover God

When an inanimate object, such as a piece of wood, is broken in two, it remains broken. Never again can it remould itself into one piece. Animate objects, however, live on even after breakages. When one live amoeba is cut in two, it turns into two live amoebae.

This is surely a sign from God, showing us the depth of op­portunity that God has kept in store for us, human beings, in this world. For a human being, no defeat is final, no disaster perma­nently crippling. As an animate being, no human can be finally shattered for, when broken, its every piece is welded again into a new, live being, if anything, more formidable than before.

For a human being, failure is not failure at all, for it only serves to make one into a more profound, thoughtful person. Obstacles pre­sent no hindrance, for they open up new avenues of intellectual advance. Setbacks do not stunt one’s growth, for even if one is crushed into many small pieces, each piece in its own right has the capacity to form the building blocks of an entirely new being.

Such are the never-ending possibilities which God has created for man in this world, but it is only he who is alive to these possibilities who can benefit from them, gathering and marshalling his resources after some shattering setback. When he tastes defeat, he does not lose heart, but prepares himself to issue a new challenge. He rebuilds anew his shipwrecked boat, and, aboard it, restarts his journey through life.