Wonders of nature

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | SOULVEDA

A verse in the Quran reads: “God send down water from the sky, bringing forth gardens of delight. Try as you may, you cannot cause such trees to grow.” (Qur’an 27: 60)

Trees are vital to the existence of human beings. In a treeless world, any form of human or animal life would be well-nigh impos­sible, quite apart from any consideration of aesthetic appeal. Trees absorb noise, give off precious oxygen, clean the air of pollution, reduce glare, act as coolers and air conditioners, and also serve as emotional tranquillisers—trees are vital in any city, howsoever de­veloped it may be.

In hospitals, schools, prisons, and drug rehabilitation centres, it has been found that trees act as a form of therapy, helping to heal mental, physical and social disabilities. Where trees have been properly landscaped and planted with an eye for beauty of form, colour and denseness, they can ease stress, contribute to healing and provide an environment where relaxation is possible.

“Plants,” says an eminent horticulturist, “are non-threatening and non-discriminating. They respond not to race, intellect, wealth or physical capacity but to the care given to them. Plants ease anxiety and tension, give a sense of tranquility.”

Experts tell us that trees can lower blood pressure, change blood sugar levels, bring peace and tranquility to troubled hearts. A beautiful landscape, a wooded park, can do more for the human soul than all the chemical tranquillisers in the world.