Islam in Life

Social Responsibility and Medi...

An attempt towards the rectification of the rot that has set in in the social and national life of the country is being made, with great enthusiasm, through judicial activism.

However judicial activism alone does not suffice for the rectification of this all-pervading malaise. What is urgently needed is the support of other social agencies/institutions. A very important role in this matter can be played by media activism, the topic under discussion today.

It is undoubtedly true that the position of media or journalism is not that of a mission but of a commercial industry.

Inventing New Myths

In ancient times, the whole system of life was riddled with superstitious beliefs. Many strange, unfounded ideas were generally in vogue. Nicolson, in his Astronomy (1978) has recorded an interesting historical curiosity: “When an eclipse occurred, the Chinese thought that the Sun was swallowed by a huge dragon. The whole population joined in making as much noise as possible to scare it away. They always succeeded!”